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  1. Hi everyone! I've not try it yet because we were working on developing an app to communicate with UniStream via MQTT to solve something similar to this. I think @NoamM's idea is a must try. It could be the solution for WhatsApp and UniStream linking. If someone has already try it, please let us know!
  2. Hi @AlexUT Can you tell me which is the SMTP server configuration that you use for Hotmail account? Because I cannot configure it correctly. The status of the email stays in "1". Thanks!
  3. Hi @Ausman, It could be what you say, "the downside to using a free service"... I've tried using another account in other mail service, called Zoho, but it behaves the same way. I'll try with Hotmail or with a new Gmail account and I'll share the results. If it works, I'll email Google Support in order to get a response from them of that strange behaviour. Thanks for posting your opinion, as always! Cheers
  4. I haven't tried with Hotmail, I will do it, and I'll let you know. However, as I said, I've tried with Gmail and Zoho, and they behave the same way. That's the reason why I think it could be an internal configuration failure between Unistream and some SMTP servers. Thanks for the suggestion Alex!
  5. Hi @Cara Bereck Levy! Thanks, let me know if you got something.. It's a strange behaviour. Hi @AlexUT, Yes, I was using Gmail account for the examples. Looking after what you've said, I found some information on the web, but not exactly the same that's happening here.. There're few users with similar problems. However, considering that the problem is external as you proposed (mail server, not Unistream), today I've tried with 2 other accounts (Zoho server), and the behave the same way Gmail account did. So, I don't think that the problem is the mail server. Thanks!
  6. Good morning people! I'm experiencing a problem sending emails with an UniStream USP-070-B10 programmed with UniLogic v1.28.26. When I request to send an email, the email is correctly sent, but the content of it (body), appears as an attached file. This started happening some months ago, and we don't know why, because before it was working perfectly. Does anyone know what could be going on? @Cara Bereck Levy Thanks in advance, Gonzalo!
  7. Hi everyone!I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. I would like to know if someone have linked UniStream with any API to send Whatsapp messages instead of emails or SMS. If not, can anyone suggest where to start exploring? Thanks in advance! Gonzalo
  8. Dear @NoamM, Thanks for considering my requests. I hope we can use them asap in futures upgrades, it is very important for the projects we are developing. Cheers, Gonzalo
  9. Ugh, that could be something to take into account for futures updates of Unistream @Cara Bereck Levy.
  10. Hi @Flex727, that could be an option. I'm also thinking of accessing remotely to the router configurations (which requires authentication) in order to enable/disable the ports.
  11. The same is happening to me. I've already tried in 2 differents PLCs. If I refresh the webpage, the image also refresh. But if I just clicked on it, it stay with the same image. I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. Everything's working, but I'm dealing with these 2 things: Is it possible to change the web server login language? Is it possible to redirect the user to different web pages after logging in, depending on its own user level? Thanks in advance!
  13. You're welcome @Joe Tauser, that's the way this forum works 😁. One more question... Leaving the ports open, is there anyway to prevent (or protect) unwanted access to our PLCs? I mean, if someone knows the IP address of it and also the Online and Download ports, any project can be downloaded to the PLC. Is it possible to ask for an authentication before being able to download a project in it? Or is there any other inderect way to protect it? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi everyone. I've solved the problem. Now it's working, even with "Use Ping on Discovery" option enable. The thing was that my ISP was closing port 22. What I've done is portforwarding another external port (4000) and redirecting it to the internal port 22. Thanks to everyone!
  15. Hi @Flex727, yes, I have both ports forwarded correctly I think. Here you are a screen capture of it:
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