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  1. I have some V570 that in the past used our email server (without SSL) and worked (sending emails) until we changed to Office 365 email. I also have some UniStream that work great with gmail (SSL). Question. I should be able to set the V570 to change Modbus registers in the UniStream. Then the UniStream set the email, right?
  2. I have set up a Web Server on a V570. Once I view the page within a short time the refresh page is no longer functioning, and the page is not reachable. Have to reboot PLC to reset the connection in order to view page. I also notice the within a few seconds of viewing the page, SB 149 value change to 1 and no long connection. Does anyone and a fix. Thank you
  3. Any news on a possible release date for the PDF format Unilogic manual?
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