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  1. Hello all. I'm new programmer with Unitronics PLC. At moment trying to communicate USP-104-B10 with VFD ATV630 series by Schneider Electric, but unfortunately for me unsuccessfully. In PLC communication created Scanner and Adapter, add strucs with global tags according manual https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=User+guide&p_File_Id=9346677116&p_File_Name=ATV600_EthernetIP_Modbus_TCP_Manual_EN_EAV64328_03.pdf&p_Reference=EAV64328 But I do not understand clearly what I need add in Ladder to read all needed parameters, for example, every 5 secs and how to CALL it? Maybe one of you have example of program with successful communication? I would be very appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help and reply
  2. OK, thank you for info. then add BIT of confirmation to replace new status in pump struct from temporary struct
  3. hi all. Dont want to create new topic so write in the same. I created custom control for pump (for example), add local structure for this custom control. After it placed CC on main screen and linked global structure. Is any option to not place CC equal to the numbers of pumps and operating only with one CC? I mean: 1. Create STRUCTS>MOTOR_STATE 2. Create local 3. Placed on main screen and choose tag as structure 4. In ladder add code like this. It will work correctly? So main idea is when I press on pump on main screen custom cotrols pop-ups and I can operate by this pump. Thank you a lot for help.
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