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  1. Thank you, I threw in a voltage divider and it worked. Another question though, if I have the top rung of my outputs (02,03...0VO,+VO) as sinking am I able to have my bottom row (CM2, O0I...O1,0V,+V) as sourcing? trying to set up a motor to go at a certain speed set by a pot with the PWM output
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to hook up a Potentiometer to my PLC, I have a 24V power supply going through my potentiometer, I have hooked up a common ground to CM0 and I have put the signal wire to go to port 5 (I1V), I've measured my signal with a multi-meter and the potentiometer and the wiper correctly displays 0-24V on the multi-meter. However on my PLC it wont read any values under my analog input I/O I have changed the inputs to the 0-10V option, I realize my 24V is a bit stronger... is that the issue? Will take any tips as I'm not the strongest in electrical
  3. All I can say is that the Unilogic support staff, the youtube videos and the general ease of the software/programming side is all amazing. From what you're saying it seems like a job that Unilogics can do but I can't compare the two as I've only been working with Unilogics for a few weeks now.
  4. Use a convert .csv to UDTF file, then load the UDTF file into a data table. Should work smoothly as long as your csv matches your data tables
  5. Turns out the string that I added needed a power up value, the function searches for the power up value of the string and not the actual string name. Maybe add this to the help file!
  6. What the main goal is: To download a CSV file from an external source and then transfer that data into an array which will be used throughout the program. I assumed my first step was to convert a CSV file to a udtf file and then use the function "Copy column to array". However, when I try and use the CSV to UDTF my status bar always shows "-1", I have a micro SD card in the slot and a USB in another slot with the required CSV file. I also tried just putting the file onto the micro sd card but that also didn't seem to work... Am I using the function properly? Any advice would be helpful as this is my first time using Unitronics Thank you
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