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  1. Dear Network, I started a very small business and build a small filling machine myself - to fill some comestic products - and bought a V1210 and installed visilogic on my pc. I am almost finish with my installation / machine - and I will shortly mark all my eletric wires in the HW configuration. Firstly my plan was to start programming myself, but time is less to be familiar with visiologic, so I came to a conclusion - and call for help insted of learning this out. I need a Consultat contact for programming my PLC via Teamviewer together with me on Whatsapp / Wee
  2. Dear network, I am total new in this... I have a V1210 and EX-D16A3-TO16 + two IO -D16A3 TO16 running with VISILOGIC 9.8.64 build 0 I Have two troubles... 1. When i connect / download Vivilogic comes up with " Communication could not be stablished due to failure to open port. Port may be in use by another application or device. free the port and try again. " Check if this port is used in "modem configuration") Hmm I dont have anything else connected to my pc... 2. I Need to make some small I/O´s 24 volt sensor signal in - 24 v
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