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  1. Hello, I had actually already reduced the periodic interval to 1 second, but that did not seem to make a difference. I will double-check with those settings. The reason we want to modify TPDO1 is to add some additional data we want to read. That would be things like torque, current, and voltage. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, New member, but have lurked around in the past when working with the Vision series controllers. I recently started a project with a Unistream controller. I completed a nearly identical project in the past, but using the Vision controller. I've run into a couple of issues with communication on the Unistream. The first issue I had was MODBUS over RS485. We are using 38.4kbps, 8N1 as the settings. I set this communication up with a Schneider Altivar 61 drive. It was configured exactly like the connection we had with the Vision controller, except now using the Unistream.
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