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  1. Any help on using the block for reading the data from data table into SQL rows would be appreciated. I could not find enough document on using this ladder element in the help section. I can read successfully execute the query and read the data from the database to the data table.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I mistakenly attached the wrong image. I actually have SQL server confirmation for the first step. I tried to connect using the IP address of my PC where my local database resides and I believe my DNS is configured properly as I have successfully done setting for email which would not work if I have a wrong setting for DNS. I disabled the firewall on the PC too. I am still not connected to the database. Maybe I am using wrong information in database name section.
  3. I am trying to set up the connection between PLC and a local database for the first time. Tried many times but an unsuccessful attempt. I think I might be making mistake in configuring the connection parameters in UniLogic. In my case I am using SQL server. Can somebody help me to explain the database connection parameters? I have attached my settings below.
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