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  1. Hi all, if interested I can post the configuration that I used to upload to the fieldserver.
  2. Hi all, Let me know if this is the right forum for this posting. I have been asked by the building automation team to have my V700 PLC communicate with their BAS. I have a BACnet Gateway installed and they have informed me that I need to configure my BACnet as a slave. They have provided me with a MAC of 33, Instance value of 9129 and Baud rate of 38,400 - this is all that they provided me with. I assume that they just want to find my BACNET device and READ my 5 points of data. Looks like I cannot use the builtin TOOL to configure the Gateway - I did try, but all they saw on their network was my instance name and MAC, they of course did not see my Instance of 9129 as the configurator configs MASTER as the default. My question is, does someone have some solid samples of the CSV file that has to be created to address my situation ? Thanks John Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there, what method did you use to mount the GW-BAC1 to a DIN rail - ? did you source a DIN rail mounting bracket ? Did you by chance source a simulator ? Thanks in advance John
  4. Hi all, I have successfully configured TCP/IP on my V700. I have assigned it an internal IP address, SubNet Mask and Gateway and can ping my PLC from my computer. I was able to successfully use Remote Operator and import my .URC file and all is good. I used the default 20256 port number. I have asked the IT department to port forward port number #20256 to my internal IP address of my PLC so that I can attempt to test the Remote Operator from the outside internet world. I have defined the external IP address in my favorites in the Remote Operator with port #20256 and I have used the same PLC name that I defined in the PLC. I gave myself at least a 20 second timeout and I still cant seem to connect to my PCL remotely (outside of my office) .. have I missed out on something ? Regards John
  5. Hi Newbee here - I have successfully configured my V700 to receive a REMOTE call via TCP/IP - I have tried to use the IP to ASCII function and display on the HMI with ASCII String. I must be missing out on something. I have hard coded the internal IP Address of via the TCP/IP CARD INIT Function. Does the IP to ASCII function assume that I had stored my Internal IP address in a MI ? I may have answered my own question :/ .. if I hardcoded the IP address .. I may as well just DISPLAY the same address on the HMI. BTW Loving the Unitronics V700 and VISILOGIC ..
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