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  1. dear sir,

    i have 4 vessels having individual plcs model is v700,
    Each plc having individual festo valve (16 way digital outputs) in tcp/ip protocol,

    my first plc ip is and my festo ip is
    my second plc ip is and my festo ip is
    my third plc ip is and my festo ip is
    my fourth plc ip is and my festo ip is

    Question  1 : 

    How to handshaking all plc in one loop (ex: i want to transfer my first vessel product to 2nd,3rd and 4th vessels.)




  2. Dear forum members,

    hope u all r doing well,

    I cannot able to fix this simple concept pls provide solution for this below,

    1.I have connected 1 pump and when my input bit is on my pump will  ON.  On timer is 10 sec ON  and off timer is 30 sec OFF, now i facing problem is how to vary my pump timer via hmi screen i cant able to  call my timer address...pls provide solution for this 




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