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  1. Am Having some frequent "freezed " comms in unistream MQTT and the only way i solve them is by PLC reboot. Is there anyway that i can restart my Unistream PLC from Ladder Logic.I can then build logic to resolve the comms freezes
  2. Hi Joe, Thanks for the response,I am a system integrator but have been using Siemens for all my projects.However i would like to use unitronics on this one because of cost,have gone through the Visilogic software and looks quite user friendly.Have already purchased V570PLC and enfora modems and done almost all functions except communication. Kindly recommend for Me the Hardware for the RADIO comms using 2.4GHz as a look at the programming bit. KENNEDY
  3. I have a water treatment plant situated roughly 10-15 KM from The Pumping Station.Would like to have one V570 Running the pumping Station while a more powerful Maybe V1020 can run the Treatment plant. I need to relay Analog and digital signals between the Two stations for control.I have Have two options for communication. Line of sight Radio using free spectrum and Ethernet communication. GSM/GPRS Kindly assist on how the two would be implemented
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