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  1. Ya I'm sure they CPU is running. I can force on the all outputs but not through the code. I've even tried th code -Start pusbutton with output green light. The green light is not operating. This is the way iv have entered my outputs?
  2. I should have the green light come on. At line two. It is energised right up to the coil but not the coil itself? Sorry the third line of code a duplicate of line one that was attached in error.
  3. Hi, thanks for your help, I have power all the way to the coil but it's not activating. Should automode that is in parallel with start_pb be an internal bit or a output. I have it as a an global tag. It is the main routine. Again thanks for the help,
  4. Hi, I was a very basic ladder logic question. At the moment I can only force on outputs on from the PLC . My latches do not seem to be working correctly. When I activate the start pushbutton when in online mode the green light output is not activated. I know the output works when forced the output to a 1 the green light turns on. Sorry total new to PLC programming and just trying to get to a handle of it. Any help at all would be great. Thanks,
  5. Hi all, I recently started using Unitronics unistream which I'm having quite some bother with unfortunately. After finishing my current project and compiling after the last error was removed the software froze. This happened three times. After attempting to open the software again, the software rung the load components numerous times. I have deleted and reinstalled the software with no success. Still just hanging on the loading components. I have download the file Unitronics recommends unzipped it and inserted in into the Unitronics folder but still not opening... Any help would
  6. Hi, I'm need to add Pt100's to a project using Unistream USP-070-B10. I have a expansion module UID-W1616R but cannot seem to find information regarding the installation. Does this model take PT100's or is another expansion module needed? Thanks, Paul
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