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  1. thank you for your answers, I uesed the filtration via ladder, and it worked
  2. Hello,I work with the SM-J-T20 PLC, and I measure with an electronic card the voltage on an analog input (0-10V) of my PLC. the problem is there are a parasites which causes a quick variation of the value read by the PLC, I already tried to solve this problem by the analog filter, but nothing has changed. Can you helps me please ? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello , I want to add in the alarm history a fault when One power up and power off the PLC . in the power up of the PLC I used the SB2 and it worked. but in the power off I do not know how to do it, I tried to use even SB2 by reversing the contact but it always gives me the startup time and is not the one of the power off.
  4. Thank you sir, So we can just change the size of the font, we can not modify the size of the interface? because the minimum size is 8 which was not enough for some texts
  5. Hello, I use Samba 43 and I change the language of the built-in alarms displays texts , so I had a problem with the size of texts that I translated, I want to know if I can put the display alarms in full screen in order to those texts be suitable with the display alarms?
  6. Hello I use Samba 4.3 and I want to use the alarms for an application, and I saw how it works in the help, I understood the alarms display functioning, but there is not a good explanation of their application. If you can give me an example of the alarms application? thank you in advance
  7. Thank you very much, Sir, you have helped me a lot, just one thing I want to understand the logic of the positioning of the point, for example, if I want to display X, XX or XX, X how this logic works
  8. Hi, my program is used to convert bits to decimal based on the linear curve (0 - 1023) bits and display it in a numeric variable.
  9. Hello, it's my first time working with Visilogic and I do not know how to display a float number with a precision of 2 digits after the decimal point. I have already found that this question has been asked by someone else who has been advised to use ASCII to Num, I tried to do it but I did not get there. can you help me, please ? and thank you in advance
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