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  1. Hi, I hope you might help with the following issue: I wrote a simple python library, using the PCOM protcol & pySerial. To test it, I created a script that reads a few Memory Bit operands from a SM-43 via the built-in RS232-USB Bridge. The library and the script work perfectly, accept when it comes to reading more than seven bit operands: I used the online mode to set the MB100-107 to the values : 10101100. While the response comes back intact, ( checksum checks out etc) I'm getting different responses for the same request. The respective bytes in the payload of the response me
  2. Hi, One of our local supervisors sent me the following picture of this error message appearing on the screen. Restarting solved the problem for the moment, nevertheless, I'm curious what this error might be, just to make sure that it is not a systematic error. I am not a very experienced PLC- programmer, so any help is very much appreciated. Thanks Max
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