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  1. Hi all. Is there an option to remotely mount the cpu on a hmi. When installed it makes it very deep. Thanks, Steve
  2. Cheers Joe. I just saved the rtc to another location variable and then used the add minus function, redirected all my rtc stuff to look at the new variable. Steve
  3. Hello all. In vision I created a simple DST add subtract and put a button on the screen. Attached picture. Is there any way of doing this in unistream? I can't seem to get it to work. Many thanks, Steve
  4. I have a unistream running my entire house, i use vision plcs around the home in different outstations using wifi to communicate the modbus, ie temps of rooms, lights etc. It also controls my pond pumps and sensors. This cuts down on the wiring running around the house dramatically. I use a vnc prog that is constantly running on an iPad in the hallway. It works really really well. Steve
  5. The only programme i seem to be able to get to go in is a blank one. Not even the unitronics example files will load. Steve
  6. Please help oh great wise unitronics officiandos. No matter what I try I keep getting this issue when trying to upload a programme to the exrc1. Is it the prog or the controller do we think? Cheers, Steve
  7. Right, seems I haven't updated the firmware, just the software! So updated the firmware now to 1.28.58. but was still showing as the old version. Ive done a full tear down and back up again and now all seems well. Sorry for the confusion, i just hope this has fixed all my issues. (mental note, check for firmware updates as well) Steve
  8. Hi every one. Just taken another look now I have a bit more time. The issue has not been resolved. I have checked and i have the latest software etc. Steve
  9. So, this was updated last month and worked ok for a while but today, Saturday, 18th, its back to displaying 6 as apposed to 7. This really needs to be fixed. Also, since the update I seem to be having ethernet issues dropping the modbus, don't know if this is related or a coincidence. Any ideas? Cheers, Steve.
  10. Many thanks Joe, all sorted now. I thought I had the most up to date version. Steve
  11. Dear all, Up until now my system has been running fine. Today the date went out. The callander shows the correct day, year time etc but in the numbers its showing incorrectly. So today is sat and its showing 1. I thought sat was 7? Sunday should be 1, monday 2 and so on. Its been fine up until now. Ive reset, reloaded and tried every thing i can think of. Its a UniStream7. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Steve UPDATE Further investigation shows that day 7 just isn't there. It goes from 6 on friday, stays with day 6 on sat now, and then goes to 1 on sunday, but then moving forward on the date to next week the same thing happens, no day 7 ????
  12. I have used vnc and it works a treat, better than web server as its faster. Steve
  13. Not sure if this is part of what your asking for. But one thing i would like to see is the scroll time input with the option of a key pad as well. The scroll is nice for looks but practically it needs to be a keypad. Also, is it possible to put a date and time function in as per visilogic, drag and drop and then select days of week etc. The new way seems long winded to me. Thanks, Steve
  14. Also, does any one know a way to wake up a screen saver using the touched screen bit via VNC connection. I use the touched but to wake the screen and reload the last displayed page, can't do this via VNC as its not actually touching the screen. Cheers
  15. So Im now getting my head around unistream, many thanks flex727 for the point to the examples. I have successfully got comms between uni stream and vision and have got most of my control under way and working. Took a while to get used to the new layout and working but im getting there. Question.... How do i send a set time to vision? In the vision plc there is a time entry function that communicates to other vision over modbus. I can't seem to read and write a set time both ways. uni-vis/vis-uni. Temperature settings are fine as i just use a numeric input. Just need hours and mins, is there an input for this. Many thanks, Steve
  16. Hi all, ive been working with visilogic for a few years now and am reasonable with it. I am trying to learn UniStream. It is very different and im struggling to get my head round it, sometimes even the basics. As I don't do a lot of it I spend a few hours at it and then don't touch it for a while, I then forget what ive learned. Do yo chaps have any pointers for me please? Im starting with a USP 070 B08. Id like to use it as a master to talk to a slave v350 over modbus just using it as a remote screen hmi for now. There doesn't seem to be any examples like there was in visilogic which is a shame as they are very useful. Any help greatly appreciated. Steve
  17. Many thanks guys, yea I use the v700 a lot and like it. I've never seen a 1210 and was just curios. steve
  18. Hi all, Can any one tell me if the resolution of the 1210 is actually good enough to suit its size? What do the icons look like etc? Im thinking of getting one for my next project. Many thanks, Steve
  19. They used to to have a remote plc to plc comms block function, don't think it worked well so they removed it, shame they didn't get it working and keep it really. Steve
  20. I had a v350 that did the same, turns out it was faulty, sent me a new one. Never actually found out the problem. Steve
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