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  1. The application mainly deals with machine startup & shutdown times. The Untronics will be acting as the Master controller that sends and recieves signals from various PLC's in the plant. It will be the single point of control for machinery runtimes, lighting and shift buzzer control. Without the day of the week function working, I will not be able to allow for easy adjustment of long weekend and holidays (the PLC is deep in the Plant and the computer will be the point of adjustment). The 'Day of Week', 'Month' & 'Day of Month' are not currently supported in Remote Operator, but I have
  2. Stein, What is the process for requesting that this feature be included in a build? I have an application pending that requires this functionality for Remote Operator, can you give me an idea how long the process is? Thank you, Robert
  3. Hello to all, I have a few questions related to Remote Operator: Equipment/Version: V570 (c/w Ethernet module) running Vision 8.6.0 I have an application that requires me to use the Day of the Week Time function, but it is not supported in RO as of yet. In addition to the Day the week, I also need other date/time functions but I haven't check which ones are support as of yet. When will the DOTW be supported and any other date time functions? Is the new 10.4" screen fully supported with Remote Operator (including full resolution). I have an application, but I don't want to approach my cust
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