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  1. Hi Thanks Joe and Ausman for all your comments¡ I made test with your recommendations but there is no communication: The manufacturer sent to me an HMI, made by Weinview- WeinTek, configured to read the Holding Register and It works¡ My project is to use Unistream to read Holding Register as I said before. Then I made a reverse engineering downloading the configuration of that HMI and found that Addresses of Holding register are 6x, where x are 0 to 15. Check image of this. I am using modbus poll to try understand the problem. How can I read addresses like 6x?
  2. Hi Thanks for you kind answers ¡ I have tried with Modbus Poll but there is not communication¡ Timeout error. At the beggining of my application I test with a Tag Status generator UINT16 and Slave ID "1" but without communication. The manufacturer of device said that ID by default is 1¡ That ID is in a Holding Register, 40009. The master of application is the unistream, as I said before, but I think is not necesary to config an ID for it? or YES? Do I need to config the master with a ID? I want to stablish a basic communication reading a Only Holding register, 4000
  3. Hi Joe Thanks for your kind answer ¡ I made a test as you recommend but not succesfull. Please see pics. a. Recommendations Manufacturer of device to use Modbus to read Holding Register b. Results of Test: Status of remote slave c. I change Status Generator UINT16 by an Array 16 (UINT16) Thanks again MGS
  4. Hi I have invested a lot of time without succes to comunicate a US7-B10-RA28(+ module UAC-CX-01RS4) with a ultrasonic device( modbus RS485 ). I want to read holding registers (40001 to 40016). The manufacturer of device recommend to read the holding register (03) ( 40001 to 40016), I did this with unilogic software but without succes¡ In Global Tags show: Modbus Slave Status: 3 Could help me ? I do not Know What is the error?
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