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  1. I give you my program. If you have the time to check it. ( sorry it's in french but you have google translate ) I put the "emergency stop" contact (normally closed) in parallel with my "presence defect" (normally closed) contact before my "start switch" contact (normally open). And the "door open" contacts (normally closed) before my condition for the sandblasting. And at the end of the program, i put my security sub-routines with my "emergency stop" contact (normally open), my "presence defect" (normally open) contact and my "door open" contacts (normally open) in first to precise
  2. Do you need to configure the MB4 ? because mine is empty :
  3. 1) I mean, if a door is opened while the man is sandblasting, the part of the program in charge of sandblasting must be stopped ans reinitialized. And i have done a sub-routine just for this part so i need to stop and reinitialize this sub-routine. (It's to avoid the GoTo jump to the beginning of the sandblasting part) 2) Oh ok sorry i did not understand
  4. Flex 727 - So I just need to put the security conditions (normally closed) at the beginning of the program (or before the sandblasting for the open doors) ? And if one of these conditions become true, all the program will stop while the condition don't return closed ? And for the steps if the emergency stop (for exemple) is pressed, i put them with an OR just under the normally closed "emergency stop" condition ?
  5. Ausman - I know but i'm a trainee and i don't have to empowerment to do wiring. My job is just to do the program and the emergency stop need to be programmed like i said above. But my problems are the following : 1) How can i reset just 1 sub-routine ? 2) How can i do to execute the "security sub-routines" in the same time that the rest of my program ? I mean, because the security sub-routines must be able to be executed at any time and any step of the rest of the program.
  6. I found the SB300 that can reset the plc so it works for 2 of my security grafcet and i can delete the jumps but do you know a bit or a function to reset just 1 subroutine ? If i can reset or initialize just the sandblasting subroutine, that will be perfect.
  7. And I have to do 3 grafcets of security : 1 = the emergency stop : stop all the program, power on the "emergency stop" led and initialize the program at the beginning. 2 = the presence defect : if there is a failing in the engines = stop all the program, power on the "presence defect" led and initialize the program at the beginning. 3 = open door : stop the sandblasting, power on the "open door" led, if all the doors are closed = initialize just the sandblasting and power off the led. All of these grafcets need to execute all the time and at the same time of the re
  8. Ok thanks and by the way, do you know if a free simulator exist for the V130 of Unitronics because I do not have the automaton yet and i would like to test my program ?
  9. In fact, the sandblasting=("Fonctionnement sablage 1 et 2") need to continue while the level of sand isn't below the "low level" or if the stop press button isn't pressed. If the level of sand is below the "low level" you need to return at the filling step=("remplissage") and after, continue the sandblasting. But at the beginning, if there is enough sand you need to jumps the filling step. If the stop press button is pressed, you need to go at the next step ("Arrêt installation"). And that's what I don't know how to do without "GoTo" jumps. So if you know, that will help m
  10. Can you see my new program and tell me if it's better or not ? and i haven't done the return if the level is low or the jump if the level is high because, without the "GoTo" jumps, I don't know how to do that. Thanks. programme_automate_grenailleuse_V4.vlp
  11. If i don't need to use "GoTo" jumps, how can i do the return when "niveau bas = 0" at the step 6 and the jump if "niveau haut = 1" at the step 4 ? I give you my main Grafcet to see what i mean.
  12. Thank you. As you can see I'm a beginner and i have a lot of things to learn. I will test what you say tomorrow.
  13. Hello every one, I'm programming on Visilogic and when I build my project i have 1 warning on all my Nets : "Whenever the application uses a block delay or a loop - it may cause the PLC watchdog" and i don't know how to resolve it. Hope you can help me. Thanks, Baptiste. programme_automate_grenailleuse_V3.vlp
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