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  1. OK, found it by reading instructions for UDFB. Never mind.
  2. I am trying to create a C Function and am running into many questions which the help does not cover. I loaded and examined all of the examples available on the website. The first question I have is: how do I specify what the arguments are going to be for my C Function? The examples have arguments. I cannot alter the arguments in the examples, nor can I add arguments to my attempted C Function. UniLogic Studio 1.23.25.
  3. Today I discovered that the help file is incorrect, it instructs me to put the O2T Assy Instance into the PLC Input assembly instance and the T2O into the PLC Output, and that does not work. Instead, I put the O2T Assembly Instance into the ControlLogix Output assembly instance, and the T2O into PLC Input assembly instance, then the scanner reports 'Running'. (I checked the online help manual, and that section is not present.)
  4. I created an EtherNet/IP adapter, 8 bytes in, 8 bytes out. In the ControlLogix PLC I created a Generic Ethernet Adapter node, 2 DINT in, 2 DINT out, and got an error '16#012a Connection Request Error: Invalid output application path' at the PLC. Then I changed PLC to Generic Ethernet Adapter node, 8 SINT in, 8 SINT out. Now I get '16#0114 Electronic Keying Mismatch: Electronic keying product code and/or vendor ID mismatch'. What would be your advice to establish a working EtherNet/IP connection between PLC and Unistream?
  5. Hi, Is there a way to set the page width for a Web Server web page? In my first attempt, it is 980 wide, and i do not know if it is possible to change it.
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