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  1. Hi again, I forwarded this to my colleague. I am also wondering if it will be possible to define rounded corners on buttons by radius in pixels in the future. We are supposed to unify visual design with our other controllers. Right now we use pictures if I am not mistaken for buttons on unitronics controllers. Also does it work any faster if the buttons are made with button feature or is it the same if they were pictures? not that I noticed any slowdowns... just wondering.
  2. So is that another CPU that handles logic FPGA or x86 or PIC microcontroller? that was my primary question. I am wondering if you got complicated ladder if it will simultaneously trigger all outputs as they were drawn on the ladder in 1 cycle time.
  3. compared to cell phone? or what kind of answer were you expecting?
  4. Hi, considering how expensive this controllers are I am wondering what kind of processor is inside? is it FPGA for real parallel execution or x86 for linear execution (simulation of ladder process)?
  5. Hi, I am new to this. Is it possible to change button color via ladder? Or after pressing it to change color? (for example I want ON/OFF button to change text and color... or maybe just color to indicate it's on or off) Also is it possible to change attributes at all via ladder? I know there is a way to hide a button and show another one of differnet color, but that's not what I want...
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