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  1. Hello I use a unilogic 1.30.58 and i have a problem, my plc freeze with the text Network Error Detected i have lot of message and i dont understand what is that in the plant i have 8 Altivar, 3 weidmuller coupler and other equipement in functionned in Modbus and ethernet IP. All equipement is plug on 3 spider hub . The plant functionne since one years Can you help me and explain this problem ? Thanks for you answer
  2. Hi Orso2001, Thanks for you answer yes i have look this example and youtube video but i have many question and i would like talk and interact with a live person
  3. Hi , My name is remy im french an i have been working on unilogic for 2 years but I have never gone beyond the basic ladder (basic elements, compare, math etc). I would really like to perfect myself and use unilogic 100%. I know that my request is particular..... but I am looking for a person who masters well unilogic in the details and who would like to teach me is knowledge. Very thanks for you answer !
  4. Hi ! I work in unistream 1.26 For the next step, I need a make a login connection in web server, I don't know if it's possible ? In HMi, I found a management panel " Web Server password". Do I can use this for make a log in page ? Or I can use other method ? Thank you so much !
  5. Hi ! Thank you so much for your share, i m going make a future slide button :)
  6. Hi, I have a question. I worked in Unilogic 1.26 with USP 070 For a project a need a slide button its possible to create ? Or it's existing in librairy Unipic but if its existing i don't find 😕 Thanks for you answer ! remy
  7. Hi ORSO2001 , yes i would like for example to know if a user to open a valve Hi Joe Tauser for user actions this concerns all the hmi view tags such as apuuyes on some images and i worked with my boss Thanks you !
  8. Hi ! I'm apprentice automation engienner and i would create a fonction for monitoring they action of user in table . I have reach a different topic but im very lost . For begining i have understand i need in first time a account in the unitronic and differents team but what can i write this action in table as the alarms ? Thanks for you answers ! i use a unitronic 1.19 and 1.21
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