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  1. Just offering my two cents.... I just finished a VS.net application that shares a common MODBUS between six devices. None of them seemed to precisely follow the MODBUS standard. After pulling my hair out for days, I decided to download a serial sniffer https://www.serialmon.com/ and run it while communicating with each device's native software. This allowed me to see the exact MODBUS bytes being shared. I simply copied the bytes into my application as needed. This eliminated the need for reading manuals and selecting the registers and offsets and calculating CRCs and so on just to find th
  2. Thanks, but the drop down list for A allows a float to be selected along with any of 10 other types. With my limited experience in VisiLogic, I have noticed non-acceptable data types do not appear in the drop down lists. Is this a bug? I have a function which results in a float, MF0. I am simply trying to convert it to a string to be displayed on the HMI.
  3. I admit to being a VisiLogic noobie, but have run into an Error 39 (Mismatched Register Types: Num To Ascii) when compiling. It points to this element as being the problem. What is the problem?
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