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  1. The one I bought is MACX MCR-EX-SL-2NAM-RO just to do a test as the transistor version I would have to wait for. I did look at the meter and it is not the E version so no M-Bus. Joe as far as discrete goes look at my name. Lol Sorry I'm a real bad speller as everyone can see. Sometimes ( a Lot ) spell check has no idea what I am trying to say. Thanks All for all your help. Ray
  2. Ausman, where did you find Modbus as an option? Everything I saw was M-bus , which ,to my understanding is a different protocol. I can go with a gateway and go from Modbus to M-bus if needed. Ray
  3. Just to give background on the project. We have 4 boilers that we are replacing the burners on. I'm planing on using the Vision to control the steam pressure of the boilers. 1 Vision per boiler . So just a basic modulating control. I'm also looking to program a warm up mode so we don't bend the boiler by running it in full fire when it's cold, we need to bring them up kind of slow. I'm also looking to tie into the combustion controller and monitor status and alarms . Also looking go through a gateway so building automation system can monitor the state of the boilers also. The site had gas meters on each boiler to begin with and are being replaced with the QA's . As of right now the customer is happy with the mechanical display on them but would like add real time flow readings on the BAS. They are also looking at adding steam flow meters on each boiler, so they can see how much steam they are producing vs how much gas they are using. Sooo I'm trying to do all this with a Vision 700. I just need to figure out how to get the gas flow reading as the rest I think I can work through. And no the meter does not have M-bus from what I saw . I will double check the next time I'm there. If it does I might just run that through a gateway, I just don't like having to many gateways . Already will need to go from Modbus to Bacnet. Ray
  4. And if you read German to English translation. Every thing I found is showing 8v to the pulse generator and they list it as a prox switch. Ray 100521_Elster_-_Quantometer_QA__QAe_-_Operating_instructions_-_BA_QA_QAe_DE_UK_FR_NL_IT_SP-1.pdf
  5. If It works some info on the meter is attached. The WE77/EX-1 is a relay output. I was thinking of using a phoenix contact amp. The one I found is solid state. And before any one asks I would tie into the E200 Prox do to the flow reading would be to slow on the E1 reed switch. With all that said does anyone know why I had all the different readings on the High Speed counter? Thanks Again Ray EMS-DS4650-5.pdf
  6. Hello all, I have a question about the high speed counter on a Samba. I have a SM70-J-RA22. I have a project that I would like to use that or a Vision on. The Project has a Gas flow meter that has a Prox switch on it that is rated for 8VDC. Per the instructions they recommend running the prox switch through an amp , the amp they recommend has relay outputs. At full flow we should be about 2 pulses a sec. So just to check to see how it would work I set a 1 sec pulse to output 0 and wired output 0 to HSC 0. I can probably just use a desecrate input and do a count and so forth but wanted to try this and see if it would work.What I noticed is the count is all over the place . Sometimes it adds 5 sometimes 10 and so on to the MI. If I look at the frequency its all over the place also. So what I tried is just wiring a switch to HSC0 and pressed the switch by hand to see what it was doing and noticed when I let go of the switch the same thing would happen but sometimes worse. I'm assuming its not a clean break when I let go but would there be that much bounce on a relay? Since its not a real fast count I'm thinking I can use just the Input and do a count but would like to know why the counter would not be working. Thanks for your help Remember I'm just a Dumbfitter so please keep it simple.
  7. Went to the seminar last week and have to say it was very informative. I'm new to this and need all the help I can get. Dan L was the instructor , and he was very patient with us. He even laughed at some of our dumb jokes. For anyone that is new to PLC"s I would recommend attending one if they can. The cost was very reasonable for what you get out of it. He even took note on what we would like to see changed. I know that all the changes we talked about are not going to happen , but its nice to know that they will look into it. Just a DumbFitter
  8. Thanks Joe and Saragani for all your help. Did not know what an rar file was and did not know about WinRAR. As my name implies I'm just a Dumbfitter lol. I did get it to work .
  9. I don't even get an option to extract or unzip it . attached is what i get
  10. I'm having the same problem. I tried downloading the Unilogicdiagnostics.rar. All i get is a Rar file that will not extract and does not have an .exe file in it. What am i doing wrong? I tried reinstalling Unilogic ,running as admin, and deleting the tmp files. Thanks for everyone's help. Ray
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