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  1. Thanks for answering me, understood what you suggested and tried it out without exporting it in my program  maybe I got an issue with the program because of this 


    am I supposed to get that in the output ? It's the same with almost the other formats

    EDIT : Used an outdated version ( maybe ), tried another one in the same folder it's working, i will try to do the job,  and get back for some feedbacks

  2. UP 

    I think the main reason is the missing of the sd card, i got one today and i tried out the Ladder 


    Actually its working, it writes date correctly, but the Storing Status doesn't set to 0 even if it ended writing ( verified  ) is it a problem ?

    I would like to have everyday separated file named with the day when they were created like this one "20180522"   , I'm using "nom fichier table" as a tag, How can i do it ?

  3. 17 hours ago, Saragani said:

    No. This will only work if the last request succeeded. 

    If it ended with an error, then you will not be able to do any requests. You should check that the status is not 1 (in progress), and / or also the SD Busy bit.


    Got the first thing but the SD Busy bit, what does it mean?, what should i do using this output tag?

  4. Hi ! 

    Yeah i found  Save DT Busy, but i don't know how to deal with it :p  

    But the second thing you were talking about seems interesting, so I will be comparing the status of the Store DTi to 0 just before starting the storage, if it's ok we can continue storing if it's not 0 it will wait ?

    And I want to get only some analogs inputs ( current - voltage ) get them in the DTI then store them in files on SD, i don't need to read or view them through Ladder ( it's available  in UniApps ) 



    EDIT: Tried out the second suggestion, nothing.. I'm pretty sure doing something wrong, I really need some help 


  5. Hi,
    My application Ladder code writing to an "Indexed Data Table" (DTI). I'm getting in the writing "Store DTI to File" Ladder function the status (-6) which means "Write file error".
    I think that issue is coming from the speed of "Store DTI to File" calls. I use a timer to put a delay between every row, maybe i don't know how to use them, but it doesn't work for me when i put a timer and try it online, it doesn't work.

  6. On 1/23/2018 at 11:39 AM, NahumS said:


    There is another way if you want to use the RTC and compare function. for example:

    Create a register for each timer section (HH,MM) 

    1.Compare the HH to current RTC hours.

    2. Compare the MM to current RTC minutes.

    And if both are valid it will execute the system. 


    I would like to know how can we compare the date , i want to compare the current date with the right next one so once it doesn't equal, the program isn't executed 

  7. Hey guys,
    I need to store files through the "Store DTI to File" Ladder function, but the more complicated is we need to generate them everyday ( everyday we have a new file ) named with the Date and Time it were created, and same for files that contains information for a month.
    To make it brief, at the end of the month, the SD should contain about 30 files for the daily information, and 1 file for the month.

    Do we really need to use the "Schedule" Ladder function?

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