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  1. Hi Joe The registers is 16 I changed it with my play around to sort out an alarm on my main when I compile. This is also a problem. When I compile my main program I get this error 702 Where can I find a working example of EX-RC1 with at least 3 IO Module PT400 and Vision 130 PLC only. I looked on YouTube and all your examples but nothing. Here my problem On my EX-RC1 #2 I changed it to D#1 OR 0 when upload a comms error occur on the main unit because EX-RC#2 is blinking so I changed it back. I changed the D# TO 0 but still MI2040 not going t
  2. Hi Joe My communication is good. As i said my problem is to map the RTD'S from my IO-PT400 to the Vision 130 via the EX-RC Unit.
  3. Hi Joe Thank you for returning to me. I see it on the EX-RC1 operands and see how the temp change from the probe but to send it over programming is a problem. I do not see the reading on the vision 130 plc. It is a program issue not a comms problem. All my outputs work well as you told me to set it up. My understanding of the RTD temp probes is that you do not need a struck command but have to linearize it. Is this correct. So how do I send it over from the EX- RC1 and see it on the vision 130. Paul
  4. Hi all can anybody help me - I struggle to understand to do linearization from my IO-PT400 via EX-RC1 to vision130. The opper hand work on my EX-RC1 and read the temp but struggle to let my Vision 130 read and see it. I actually struggle to understand exactly how to send the data over. Attached is my coding. P1 Main#1Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#2Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#4Paul 4-8-18.vlp
  5. I struggle to send my PT 100 value via the EX-RC1 to the vision 130 controller. I can read the opper hand readings on the EX-RC1 show an value and move up and down as the temp increase and decrease but can not get the data over to the Vision 130 - can someone help me on this. When I compile my vision 130 unit it keep on providing two 702 warnings not sure what it is. Here my coding. P1 Main#1Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#2Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#4Paul 4-8-18.vlp
  6. Hi Joe - Getting closer and closer to start my real project coding I down loaded the 1 EX-RC2Paul 14-7-2018 and 1 EX-RC3Paul 14-7-2018 direct to the units individually. They work fine. even the led's turn red on the IO-PT400'S because my RTD's is not connected yet. EX-RC ID #4- (make sure it really is ID #4 based on the DIP switches) - Regarding this point my dip switches it is selected off off on off off off which is suppose to be #3 but when I check my connection the green fall on #4. The dip switches for unit EX-RC ID #2 is off on offoffoffoff and then my Vison 130 ID #1.
  7. Hi Joe thank you for willingness to help. I am new and not an expert at all. This is my second PLC from Unitronics I want to code. The first one was a great success. A stand alone one is not a problem with the I/O units connected and coding although I believe there is better ways than my way for coding did it work wonderfull. But now my second project is a Vision 130 with two EX-RC1 Units to it. The first EX-RC1 has a IO-RO16/IO-RO16/IO-RO16/IO-RO16/IO-PT400/IO-PT400/IO-PT400/IO/PT400 and the second IO-RO16/IO-RO16/IO/PT400/IO-AO6X I sorted the communication out between my Vi
  8. Hi Joe How will your example differ from V570 to the vision 130 to EX-RC1 comms in your example of 8 may Thank you Paul
  9. Can someone please help and provide me the code for the Vision 130 to the EX-RC 1. I also do not see how the Vision 130 will see the EX-RC1
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