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  1. Hi Joe The registers is 16 I changed it with my play around to sort out an alarm on my main when I compile. This is also a problem. When I compile my main program I get this error 702 Where can I find a working example of EX-RC1 with at least 3 IO Module PT400 and Vision 130 PLC only. I looked on YouTube and all your examples but nothing. Here my problem On my EX-RC1 #2 I changed it to D#1 OR 0 when upload a comms error occur on the main unit because EX-RC#2 is blinking so I changed it back. I changed the D# TO 0 but still MI2040 not going to 1 I see the timer is not running because I have a comms error from EX- RC 1 one led is blinking when I change the D#TO 0 . Definitely wrong to make it D#0 must be D#1 If I Make D#1 then the LED on the EX-RC1 Does not blink and is stable on as below but still MI2040 not going to 1 - timer work now. : From the main Vision 130 never go to 1 because EX-RC #2 is not sending it. P1EX-RC#2Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1 Main#1Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#4Paul 4-8-18.vlp
  2. Hi Joe My communication is good. As i said my problem is to map the RTD'S from my IO-PT400 to the Vision 130 via the EX-RC Unit.
  3. Hi Joe Thank you for returning to me. I see it on the EX-RC1 operands and see how the temp change from the probe but to send it over programming is a problem. I do not see the reading on the vision 130 plc. It is a program issue not a comms problem. All my outputs work well as you told me to set it up. My understanding of the RTD temp probes is that you do not need a struck command but have to linearize it. Is this correct. So how do I send it over from the EX- RC1 and see it on the vision 130. Paul
  4. Hi all can anybody help me - I struggle to understand to do linearization from my IO-PT400 via EX-RC1 to vision130. The opper hand work on my EX-RC1 and read the temp but struggle to let my Vision 130 read and see it. I actually struggle to understand exactly how to send the data over. Attached is my coding. P1 Main#1Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#2Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#4Paul 4-8-18.vlp
  5. I struggle to send my PT 100 value via the EX-RC1 to the vision 130 controller. I can read the opper hand readings on the EX-RC1 show an value and move up and down as the temp increase and decrease but can not get the data over to the Vision 130 - can someone help me on this. When I compile my vision 130 unit it keep on providing two 702 warnings not sure what it is. Here my coding. P1 Main#1Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#2Paul 4-8-18.vlp P1EX-RC#4Paul 4-8-18.vlp
  6. Hi Joe - Getting closer and closer to start my real project coding I down loaded the 1 EX-RC2Paul 14-7-2018 and 1 EX-RC3Paul 14-7-2018 direct to the units individually. They work fine. even the led's turn red on the IO-PT400'S because my RTD's is not connected yet. EX-RC ID #4- (make sure it really is ID #4 based on the DIP switches) - Regarding this point my dip switches it is selected off off on off off off which is suppose to be #3 but when I check my connection the green fall on #4. The dip switches for unit EX-RC ID #2 is off on offoffoffoff and then my Vison 130 ID #1. I would like it to be ID #1,ID#2,ID#3 but it is not working that way. I switched several dip switches to try sort this out. But at least when I test the communication it show green on ID #1,#2,#4 With the two EX-RC1'S sorted - I have to down load the Main 1Paul 14-7-2018 to the Vision 130 unit directly via canbus network 1 or directly but when I compile before burning it over to the controller there is three errors and two warnings. The one is sorted - you duplicated the one Unican send command but the other two errors is as follow: LDR 66 Main Module Out EX-RC1#2 net 3 Before Unican Send High Priority use -/\/of SB201 before new Priority -/\/of SB202 and then I have the same for #4. with SB 208 I am not sure what this mean or how to correct it. I just want to ask can you just code for me one MI press button TEST out put activation to the EX-RC1 and do one RTD read coding to see how it must be done on the ladder. I still have to work around the coding you send but need more time to see exactly what you did. Will provide feedback Thank you so much Joe well appreciated. Paul
  7. Hi Joe thank you for willingness to help. I am new and not an expert at all. This is my second PLC from Unitronics I want to code. The first one was a great success. A stand alone one is not a problem with the I/O units connected and coding although I believe there is better ways than my way for coding did it work wonderfull. But now my second project is a Vision 130 with two EX-RC1 Units to it. The first EX-RC1 has a IO-RO16/IO-RO16/IO-RO16/IO-RO16/IO-PT400/IO-PT400/IO-PT400/IO/PT400 and the second IO-RO16/IO-RO16/IO/PT400/IO-AO6X I sorted the communication out between my Vision controller and the two EX-RC1 units working fine right thru to all my I/O units not a problem. My problem is how to send to the EX-RC1 a out put command for example to IO-R016 output 2-1 I need an example because can not get it sorted. I watched several u tube videos but can not get around it. Where must I do my main program must it be on the Vision and just send a message to the EX-RC1 not sure where to start. I also struggle with the struck command. Then how do I read the IO PT400 Thermo inputs back to the vision 130. You will be able to see where I struggle with the coding. My problem is not the screen display but the coding to and from the I/O s to the Vision 130. Thank you Paul 1 EX-RC 2 Paul 14-7-2018.vlp 1 EX-RC 3 Paul 14-7-2018.vlp 1 Main 1 Paul 14-7-2018.vlp
  8. Hi Joe How will your example differ from V570 to the vision 130 to EX-RC1 comms in your example of 8 may Thank you Paul
  9. Can someone please help and provide me the code for the Vision 130 to the EX-RC 1. I also do not see how the Vision 130 will see the EX-RC1
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