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  1. The PLC is currently stand alone. The only provision the manufacturer of the equipment has provided (at least in their operation manual) to transfer data to the hospital system for review and archiving is physical removal of the SD card and using the SD Card Suite - which I can't currently run due to our UAC on our PC's. Thanks for the response! Appreciate the help. Ben
  2. Hi, I have just taken delivery of a piece of medical equipment that uses a V350-35-J-RA22 PLC. It requires SD Card Suite to view and archive QC data collected by the PLC. This is required essentially after each use of the equipment (daily). However, we work within a hospital managed operating environment giving users like myself very restricted access and permissions on our PCs. Our PC's cannot be run with UAC disabled. (it is a WIN7 enterprise OS) SD Card Suite seems to require UAC to be permanently disabled (is there a way around this??) which I cannot do on our PC's - we can
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