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  1. One thing though - can I access the sign-in web pages html code directly and make some changes manually?
  2. Hi, I want to disable the “Remember Me” option when the user signs in (logs on) the web server on a Unistream USP-156-B10. Or shorten the password cookie life time to maybe 10 minutes. How can I do this? See attachment, Thanks, Gunnlaugur Asgeirsson
  3. That did the trick. Thanks ever so much for your help, I really appreciate it.
  4. Hi, I am new here :-). Thanks for this great forum. Looking forward to learning and contributing. I have set up a remote connection to my UniSteam USP-156-B10 using a VNC client. So now the UniStrem PLC is accessible from the internet. It was easy, I only needed to configure port forwarding on ports 5800 and 5900 in my router, and obviously connect on the outer IP address However I have problems connecting to the UniStream from UniLogic. I have forwarded the ports (22 and 3335) in my router but I still can not connect. I did enable UDP and TCP. The configurations in the router are ex
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