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  1. Thank you very much for the quick reply. I did what you said and it compiles just fine. I have two additional questions about this topic - 1) Is every 1 at the beginning of a function call an output bit? 2) Where is this information available? The help manual (specifically the 'C' Functions page) doesn't say anything about that, and the only thing about it that I found in google is the same manual page.
  2. Code like this fail to compile, with the errors in the image below. The error lines are wrong (which I'll report to unitronics in a bit), but the code compiles without the lines I showed. static void Function3() { // User code starts below this comment float a = 50; float b = 3; if(IF_EQ(1, a, 4)) STORE(1, 4, b); // User code ends above this comment } Am I using IF_EQ wrong? The docs say that IF_EQ(1,a,b) is equivalent to a == b, so I assume that this is the correct syntax.
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