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  1. Yes indeed, that's exactly it. I've got two blocks "SD utility delimited line" : the first one is mostly for constant texts (my column titles) and the second one contains data such as date, hour (ML15 & ML10) and process values. I think you may be right on this one since when the key button is pressed, it writes titles on my CSV and then it writes values. So that could certainly explain the value changement of MI900... thanks for your explanations. It's not so obvious when you begin. That button is also used to start a process sequence. So it means I can find in my CSV
  2. Hello Isakovic, Yes I looked at help files for every block which helped me understand what those blocks were for. But I'm afraid it still doesn't explain MI 900 value. You're right, it's difficult to interpret it. If I got it right : MI 900 - the start of my vector where my data will be stored ML 40 - the actual number of bytes sent to the vector ML 45 - a status message And then with my second block "Write->...", my data - which is previously stored in my MIs - is written to a CSV. My file is not that big... I'd say less than 3 MB depending on time spe
  3. Hello everyone, I'm using SD functions to create a CSV file to save data such as temperature / pressure / date hour etc... and I would like to understand what the value of my MI900 means when I'm online mode. I kind of get my other operand purposes but this one is difficult to identify. Here is a screen capture for you When SB41 is activated this value turns to 24900 for a couple of seconds and then restore his previous value (here it's 14129 sometimes it's 14486 or 12200 and idk why). That's what I don't get. I'm asking you this because usually the program works very we
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