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  1. But SM43JR20 is a 10 bit PLC, right ? But I understood the theory and I used it on my PLC but still when the sensor is removed the input is read as 0 but the ouput is shown as 3098 which I really don't understand. Can you help with this?
  2. Broadcom Incremental Encoder 256 ppr 12000rpm 4.5 → 5.5 V dc is the one I am looking at. I have a 5 V source with me. Will it work ?
  3. Hi, I am using SM43JR20 but I couldn't find any information about the type of encoder signals that is safe to be connected to the PLC. If possible can you suggest some shaft encoders that can be connected to this PLC model? Thanks in advance Sreerag
  4. Hi, I am trying to connect a 4 to 20mA two wire current transmitter to SM43JR20. I hooked up everything and the PLC is showing some value too. But I am not sure how to properly read the input from the current transmitter in the ladder logic. I tried using linearization with analog input as x data and current value to be displayed as Y data but the value displayed is varying when ever I change the values in the linearization block. I looked at the manual but it is not helping. I have one more issue, How will you use a constant with decimal point in visilogic eg: 4.5. All I see are integer operands Thanks in advance Sreerag
  5. Thank you for your reply. I am not trying to connect thermocouple directly. I am trying to connect thermocouple to LKM 101/K2 (Temperature transmitter) and then connect it to the PLC.
  6. Hi, I am learning to work with SM43JR20. In the spec sheet, for a 2 wire current transmitter to be connected to analog input it is shown that from the positive terminal of the supply connection should be made to the current transmitter and the negative terminal of the transmitter should be connected to AN0/AN1. But my doubt is the path is not complete, right? Then how is it going to measure the current? Can you guys suggest some current transmitters that I can use with this PLC model ? Also if those current transmitters can be coupled with thermo couples then it would be great . Thanks in advance Sreerag
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