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  1. Thank you both, DaveB and AlexUT. And sorry for my long response time. I wanted to test first, I never could, and then... you know. Sorry. It was impolite of me. Thanks for your translation work, DaveB.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. These are functions that I also use, and reading the problem and the answer, I would not have thought that the SD card could have problems, and that it appears like this. It is very nice of you to share the troubleshooting. Is it possible to know the content of the manual for resetting the card with the mentioned software? Best regards
  3. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the file on the SD card that contains the raw DT data saved, are the UDTF files. The CSVs are just "copies". If you want to make an "append", you will have to read the DT on the SD, via the UDTF file (which will be automatic). Then the UDTF file will be written with a new line, and the CSV will be copied from this new UDFT (the timing may be different). IF the UDTF does not exist... it will be as if the CSV is empty. At least that's how I understood it.
  4. Yes. Tat's clever. Have to admit : hadn't thought of that. But i need to start at the end. And, i have to exclude the empty lines before. Excluding empty row is checking for zero (in one specifique cell that canot be 0 if not empty). So, Find DTI Column won't work. But one the first unempty row find, using that block is lighter, smarter. Must be folow by a sub, though. I will keep it the way i wrote. But I already used this since I read your answer And i probably should have do it before. VB
  5. In fact, I can't use this block for the purpose I required. Because I also have to count the number of previous lines that do not contain the STRING, in addition to noting the line number (from bottom to top). But, I need it for another use, in which... this is exactly what ... I need. So, that's cool.
  6. Hi Swervomotor. Thank you for the answer I'll see it will help.
  7. Is there not a filter FB that could be used for that ? Visilogic juste crashed after that screenshot, so i can not check. But i would try with this.
  8. Thank you for your answer. I got around the problem by getting my information another way. I read line by line, and test the cell with the string, line by line. It works. vbs
  9. Hello, I want to copy the first column of my DTI in an array. The column type is STRING-ASCII. But it seems i canot create an array of STRING. I am right, or i am missing somthing ? I'm starting to thing that a STRING, is alreay a kind of array. Thank you.
  10. Hello. After taking a new ex-d16a3-to13 on another v350 on a test bench, I could not reproduce the issue. I then exchanged the 2 extensions and still can't reproduce this problem either on the bench or on the material in the machine. So I dont' get what happened. I'm pretty sure I didn't dream this, because I could repeat it on purpose....... But now, I invalidate my previous statement about this bug.
  11. Dear NoamM, OK. My bad. And : good idee pour the To-Do-List. Thank you.
  12. Dear forumers and staff, After login as an user from a role, in a web server page : is there any why to logout ? The next acces on the same browser don't ask for a new connexion. Even in private mode. Had to try it whith an other browser. (I only tested once). Will Custom Controls become available once for web pages or is it technically not possible ? Thanks.
  13. Hello, I just started testing with this pwm output on a static relay. And I notice that with a duty cycle at 0, my output goes to a 1 logic : 24Vdc. I have to set a negative value to switch the output to 0. It's strange and unexpected. And not in accordance with the answer above. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong? Edit : I just noticed that the issue only occurs when the DC value goes directly from 1000 to 0. A passage by an intermediate value does not produce this pb. Therefore, I think it may be a bug ?
  14. Hello. That was exactly (i think) what i needed. And had some issus, beacause the date and hours taf aren't STRING. I'll take it and look at it. Thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, I don't get how the LF "Find And Remove From Array" works. That LF is not in the help. (AFAIK). The "C" entry ask for a "Key array"... and that's what i don't get. What i need : my array has 21 UINT32. I would like to clear all elements with 0. And then, find the N smallest elements. I thought this LD could do it... Even if it's true that I don't know what size to give to the output ARRAY, also. So, I don't think this LT can help me, but in any case, I don't understand how it works. So, could i have some help, pleas ?
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