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  1. I'm new to unilogic but not a beginner in automation, but there is a thing I can't work out. The machine is going to sort a product to different positions. We are counting pulses from a pulscounter on a continuous rolling convayer, and the positions are different pulses away from the measure position. In a table we have the values: positon, min diameter, max diameter, min lenght and max length In another table we have: position and pulses when the measuring is done we would like to get the position that match both diameter in range of min and max diameter and lenght in range of min and max length and when the product reaches that position it will be pushed off the convayer. There could be as much as 12 products at the same time on the convayer and maybe some is going to be pushed off at the same position. I hope some of you can help me or give me a push in the right direction. Thanks!
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