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  1. Hi I'm also interested... I was asking in the forum to install linux in the OPLC, and I see is already there Did you get how to access? I see many advantages using scripting in linux calling HTTP APIs, with curl POST/GET, etc. I have an old Vision350 color OPLC. thanks in advance. Marcos.
  2. mrivilla

    Thoughts on Linux

    Dear Unitronics friends, I have an old Visio350 that I would like to play with for some home automation proposals. I'm looking for to update the firmware and install linux in the OPLC, as we have in other embedded systems., such as switches or cameras. It sounds a bit crazy... but just to get fun. Any thoughts on the possibility and the best distribution, maybe busybox or OpenVrt? thanks. Marcos.
  3. Hi Dears, I can identify a lot of benefits including OPC UA server capabilities directly at CPU level. This could standardize OPC communications for OEM vendors and leveraging data collections in upper data layers. Do you have plans to integrate that functionality ? Congratulations including MQTT protocol, this is also a very good progress!!! I tried in the pass define an standard XML (web methods module) to communicate, but this is definitely much better. Regards. Marcos.
  4. Hi Thomas, Joe, I'm also interested how to send messages to an MQTT broker and received subscriptions. Of course this can be done with small devices to control domo things, but I can see many applications that required a PLC to control directly as V350, and send some basic info. high level where reliability is not a must having the information in real time to query that topics from smart devices. I would not manage setpoints, or activite critical functionality from the cloud, so certain I can be agree with Joe, but we don't need to create a complex infrastructure to publish some data to have them available for upper management or high level alarms just for info and not to act. I had a look to the MQTT protocol and being agree can be done with the Protocol block it is not so evident and required some time to built. Any examples that you can share if you already progressed on that concept? Thanks. Marcos.
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