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  1. Ebenezer, Visit https://www.unitronicsplc.com/support-technical-library/ Here in Accessories section you can find Router's documentation.
  2. Hi Ausman, If selecting "Part of Project", than it stored into flash memory during download to PLC,
  3. In "UniDownload Designer" check "Download Data Tables...". If you make Clone to SD - than use Full Clone (you have to write Data Tables to PLC to have information for Clone). Practice at you desk before you do it remotely at field. B.R.
  4. Data tables are not downloaded at any download. Only data table structure is downloaded. You have to download project, then open Data Tables interface and write all tables to PLC memory.
  5. Hi Flex727, Follow article: UniStream Send Email with Indirect Text (use SD text file) https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/unistream-send-email-with-indirect-text Or upgrade to last version and it will be supported. B.R.
  6. 1. Test with SD card you already used. Does it works? 2. If you make full format for new (problematic) SD card - does format finish with no errors? 3. Find at Internet software to test SD card capacity and run test. What does test show?
  7. Hi kratmel, Is it really existing "120 degree Z pulse" encoder? Can you share model and maker? More strange is, that 1000 ppr divided by 3 eq. 333.(3). So for each rotation there is 1 pulse error. And there are no 999 ppr encoders. Or I lost something? B.R.
  8. Please send your request with detailed explanation to support@unitronics.com
  9. When selecting IMAGE, you have number of options: ImagesC are Color Images. When you are out of "Unitronics VisilogicC" folder, you can return to it by pressing "Go to Visilogic Image Library". Investigate folders with pictures to unterstand where you can find required pictures.
  10. You have to send such requests to support@unitronics.com. Provide more details about PLC models - preferred to send serial numbers. B.R.
  11. You can expand PID Server record for X and Y axis by use of '+' and '-' icons. Then drag left/right/up/down by use of right mouse button.
  12. Look at module data sheet. It state maximum input current for module.
  13. As soon as you install UniLogic, required driver is inside. - Run UniLogic - Create project for selected PLC MOdel - Connect USB cable from PC to PLC - Power-on PLC and wait until UniLogic detects PLC. B.R. .
  14. Please contact support@unitronics.com to obtain required software. B.R.
  15. No, timer cannot continue count if you not activate it at each scan. *Side effect - if yo9um activate timer twice per scan, it will count 2x fastest.
  16. Not all Antivirus software make problem to UniLogic installer. What is an Antivirus name and version? B.R.
  17. sultan, BorAq, If Siemens PLC interfaced to Unitronics PLC - you can continue at Unitronics Forum. If you are interesting in programming only Siemens PLC - please move to Siemens forum. We will delete this post as not relevant to Unitronics forum. B.R.
  18. You cannot do this in one project (by design). You can store multiple projects at SD card and then load required project to PLC. But SD card not supported by Samba PLC. You have to use Vision series PLC.
  19. We found (by Googling Internet) that last cumulative Windows 10 updates (KBs, include KB5001337) make problems with different applications. Problem include lost scroll bar. This is Windows update problem, not Unitronics problem. To fix this you have to uninstall KB update and wait until Microsoft will fix this problem in additional KB update, or other accepted by Microsoft way. Unitronics has no way to fix this. Related KBs: KB5001337 KB5001330 Possible other updates, dependent of Windows OS version. B.R.
  20. Local variable is temporary and does not exist when leave subroutine. Positive/Negative transition should save previous tag state, but it is not possible. B.R.
  21. Follow next article: https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/how-to-fix-catastrophic-failure-when-install-uninstall-visilogic Delete directory named {83C5EAE0-FB24-4ACD-848A-9286B0DC30C1} Then repeat installation.
  22. 1. Delete MI 8 power-up value -Sample Time. It will be calculated by Autotune. 2. Water temperature range is 0 to 100. It is recommended to set: - MI 9 =0 (0.0) - MI 10 = 1100 (110.0) 3. MI 0 show temperature in 0.1 C/F. 4. Change User Set point MI 47 format to 4.1 Entering 55.1 from display will be represented as 551 in MI. 4. Use MI 47 instead of MI 3. 5. Sample MI 0 in 4.1 format. 6. Delete nets 2 and 3. Test it.
  23. Hi, Jazz OS has no embedded support for Alarms. You have to realize it by yourself, or use other PLC model with embedded alarms support. It is recommended to review example projects to find one which fitting your needs. B.R.
  24. Hi Drew, UDFBs are part of UniLogic Examples: https://www.unitronicsplc.com/software-unilogic-for-programmable-controllers/ Scroll down and download. B.R.
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