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  1. Would you like to use UniStream, which supporting SQL interface? UniStream supporting FTP file transfer as well. If UniStream is not an option - visit at next link: https://unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic-for-programmable-controllers/ and scroll down for "Programming tools for developers. Probably you can find one you can use. You can develop PC program which transfer required data between company server and PLC. B.R.
  2. Tell us what is a TXT file source? Where the data is coming from? This will help to understand if simplest way is possible to transfer this file to PLC. B.R.
  3. Be careful with these SIs. Display numbers are assigned random.
  4. Use Utils->HMI funktions. Or assign MB for display(s) from "Links & Jumps" HMI properties. B,R.
  5. Open UniLogic Help and search for "sniffer" word. There is detailed explanation. Does this help to realize it?
  6. After reviewing your projects found, that you use normal closed SB 7 to activate all UniCAN Send at all projects. All scans at first 50 of 100 msec all RC1s and PLC are sending UniCAN packets. The only stopper is SB 202. So you flooding communication line by useless packets. It is recommended to replace SB 7 by SB 15, which is active for 1 scan each 100 msec. Hope this solve all your problems. B.R.
  7. To count pulses in Ladder code, input signal, either 0 or 1, should be detected during 3 or more scans. *Take a maximum scan time. B.R.
  8. Please send request to support@unitronics.com. Attach your project to test it at our premises. B.R.
  9. Please follow Help Center Article "UINT64 As String" https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/uint64-as-string Hope this is what you need.
  10. Hi, One more recommendations is to use Version Swapper from last installed version.
  11. Hi, In common, SAMBA and other PLCs are not intended to process images. But you have to provide more information to give you recommendations. -How camera is connected? -Does camera transmit picture, and what is a picture size? *SAMBA PLC is limited by memory size. -What information you should extract? Having more information from you about required operation forum members may recommend you next steps, or recommend better model, or recommend to forgot this... B.R.
  12. Please send your request to support@unitronics.com Add PLC serial number and exact model number to your request. B.R.
  13. Do not make OS and any other update to old PLC hardware. You have to use the same VisiLogic version you used last time. Roll-back to OS 3.75 and to old VisiLogic. Hope PLC will work. B.R.
  14. RealVNC from Samsung smartphone is working. Do you use port 5900 or other one if you use Port Forwarding?
  15. Hi Rog, Please find a scope and check if there are EMI at modules inputs. Please add connection diagram. B.R.
  16. Hi kratmel, Unitronics PLCs are not computers, and supporting FAT32 formatted SD cards up to 32 GB. Supported FAT32 File system is limited to 1 primary partition. For example: Siemens PLCs: S7-1200 CPU only supports the memory cards that have been preformatted by Siemens manufacturer, whose order n
  17. All right, SD Tools will be modified to inform operator about SD card supported/not supported size. SD card technology allow to manufacture SD cards of big capacity, but embedded devices are limited to FAT32 file system with all its limitations. B.R.
  18. This set comprise 2 parts (and it is for Cisco Routers): 1. USB to Serial converter. 2. RS232 D-type to RJ45 8p8c). Unitronics use 6p4c or 6p6c connector. We recommend to contact PLC seller and obtain 2 cables: 1. USB to Serial Adapter (prolific chip based). 2. Serial cable and adapter (come in the kit RS232-CB1). RS232-CB1 include MJ10-22-CS25 (DB9 to RJ11 adapter) and 4 wires cross-crimped phone cable.
  19. Hi krolikbest, Set Retry=0 and minimum reasonable timeout. B.R.
  20. Any check box for power-up write power-up value to destination, either Timer or MI, etc. When check-box not checked, then last value before power-off is stored (battery backup memory). B.R.
  21. There is no such function for array. You can write UDFB to do this.
  22. Hi Scott59 I recommend you to purshase 16 GB SD card. 32GB can be formatted by Windows, but there is a problem to gormat it from SD Card Tools. If you already purshased it - format it to FAT32 and copy all firectories from fresh formatted SD card of 16, 8, or other capacity, less than 32 GB. B.R.
  23. Hi, If anybody have same problem, then send request to support@unitronics.com We will send instruction how to correct this. B.R.
  24. Hi Marten, Please visit Unitronics Helpdesk Portal https://support.unitronics.com/index.php and search for "stored" Look "SQL Dynamic Table Name" article.
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