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  1. Hi Ausman, Thanks for the reply. I know how that is done. already did it and it works. But only able to retrieve the data tables via Schedule or force the call from DataXport. My question is more related to being able to initiate Data table transfer from the PLC to PC, but initiated by the PLC serially. Kind of the same as having DataXport in Listen mode when using ethernet. Is there a way to do that? or if not by DataXport, is there any other way of just sending .CSV file serially?
  2. Hello, I already know how to do data table download via ethernet, initiated by either PLC or PC (from DataXport). Also serially but initiated by a schedule or manually from the PC (using Dataxport utility). But, is there a way to initiate a data table download serially from the PLC using data export? By that I mean something similar to using Ethernet (listen). Please help I am stuck trying to find out how to do it serially intiated from the PLC, if there is a way. If it can't be done via DataXport is there another way? Please advise.
  3. This is what I did and the result is very close. However I still need to know how to do it the other way described in my previous post.
  4. Hello, I am using a V570 with V200-18-E2B snap IO. Software version is 9.8.65 I am linearizing a pressure sensor (4-20 ma) to be able to read from 0 to 30.00 inHg. As you can see in the image below I made y2 a value of 3000 to be able to display it with 2 decimals in the HMI. However I still need to get it with 2 decimals into a Float (MF) to be able to convert this value to mbar by multiplying it by 33.86. So basically what I can't figure out is that if I get a value 3000 (30 inHg) I need to be able to put into a float 30.00, If I get 15 should be able to p
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