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  1. Thank you very much for your time.

    I fixed my mistakes and I'll try again.
    I'il write the results.

    If you change the delimiter to <<, it continues to write to the same column in excel as it should pass to the column.
    Sometimes it should pass to the bottom line, but not going the bottom line.

    It is very sad that there is no clear explanation for this.
    I can say that I have tried every way in the figures mentioned in the documents.

    Sorry for my language.

    Respect for you,Berkay

  2. You dont need MB 3,
    Set VFD params 19200 Baud,8 data,None Parity,1 Stop.
    PLC must be a master for control VFD.Dont use "SCAN_EX".
    You must set a "Write-Read" networks.İF PLC writing cant read same time.

    Mr. Joe right,first you must read VFD actual freq. and you must use "Modbus = Read Holding Register" , keep in mind PLC cannot write simultaneously while reading.

    When you wanna write freq. VFD you must use "Modbus = Preset Holding Register".

    For Read-Writing addresses you must look manual of VFD,and sometimes we may need to make parameter settings via the drive.

    In communication parameters, the driver requests a Modbus address assignment.

    It's really enjoyable, but it's a tough subject.
    It's a good idea to go step by step.

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