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  1. Thanks for the info. How I wish they have this comparison tool and option to download piece of item like routine, as they have a feature CANNOT UPLOAD from the unit. The system is control and I can only depend on the backup file, and they are asking for modification. Anyway to at least tell these online/offline routine are different ? Regards,
  2. Hi, Great day! I'm basically new to Unitronics product and would like to ask something, by the way, I already had one project download and modified the program, fortunately all working fine now. I got another inquiry for modification of a V570 series. The client can hand me over the project file, but not sure if its the same with the online program. Is there anyway that a project file can be compared to an online program, assuming there's no way for me to upload the online program ? Or is there anyway that I can only download a piece of routine only, not the whole program?
  3. Hi Joe, I thank you for sharing the info. Yes, it simply works on the manual tune. I simply cannot work with auto tune. Much appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Any help? Basically, what I did is to get the parameters from the working auto tune unit, and encoded to the second unit for manual tuning. It works for 24 hours and for some reason client made adjustment on the mechanical side and it trips again. And my question is, is this the right way shown below for V570 forcing it manually for PID ?
  5. Hi, Unfortunately the issue is still there. 1. Adjusted all the ranges. 2. Tried Stage 2 3. The first unit that works only do auto tune in 5 to 10 mins. I would like to try manual PID, how is this done? Thanks
  6. Hi Alex, Thanks for the input. I am yet to see this tomorrow. So far, I have not seen this status during the test. I'll try to follow yours and see how it goes. Much appreciated.
  7. Hi, I am not onsite, and using my simulator unit. I'm checking the consistency of the PID server tool if I can use this one next week onsite. I can't see anything that I have done differently except that I RESET and INITIALIZE and start over. Now the PID server auto tune isn't working too.
  8. Hi, Thanks guys so much for the info. I tried to RESET and INITIALIZE and then do the auto tune again using the PID SERVER, and NOT WORKING. What I am doing wrong in here? Pls advise. REgards, kvj
  9. Hi, I’d like to ask, I’m just trying to do simulation using one of my spare unit and using memory to feed in SP and PV. I can mimic the issue I have and when I try to use the PID SERVER tool to START AUTO TUNE, it forces my program to get pass to STATUS-4. It works fine, but I’m concern when the system powers off and on, does it need to auto tune again? I tried on my unit to power cycle, it still retains the value and its works perfectly now. My main question is, is doing the auto tune using PID SERVER tool will work for good ? What will be of any possible issues later on, if
  10. Hi, 1. File attached 2. 4-20ma signal type, heating process 3. How long does it take for a 3 stage process? The other system works fine, all the same using the same program. Regards, kvj HTR1.vlp
  11. HI, I'm having a problem working with PID on V570. I have 2 units, all the same configuration. The first one works, and the second one couldn't pass through the AUTO TUNE, Status stuck at 2. I am attaching the program, I would appreciate if you can help me. Again the same program works perfectly on the first unit, but get stuck on PID Status=2 on second unit. Please advice. REgards, kvj
  12. Hi, I'm using V570 and is having the same issue. I can see the block activated when I press the button, still I cannot see any alarm to appear. I see a "0" for my MI8 and MI9 when I press the button. OS version: 4.7 (30), Visilogic version: 9.8.90 Build 0. Am I missing something ? I attached my Program. Please help. Thanks. Regards, Joel alarms.vlp
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