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  1. Joe, Please I need you help. I have problem with PID !!! I don´get the PID: Control Value - the PID output I did´t see the fail. I have setup the PID configuration . But I have some bug in program. Are you able to look at it maybe correct it. I have take form Unitroncs Test PLC for testing the possibility to work out the program for this machine. I have this situation my Input signal is some PT 100 and with them i have to control some temperature in machine, but my controller i some proportional valve 0-10 V DC Second step is when I get this to control the steps of heating with time at sample 3 C in one minute. But that´s is second step. Please look at program Main Module ; 0 GLAVNI MODUL ; net 64;65
  2. Have you some thing with PID control ? I will try to make something.
  3. I have look at samples but nothing near that what I need.
  4. Dear all, Have any one some simple project some simple temperature controller for SAMBA . I need it for control temperature from 0 to 200 C. It is simple oven. I have one thermoresistor transmitter for Pt100 to use the input 4..20 mA on Samba SM35 - J- T20. I need some help or sample.
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