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  1. meanwhile i upgrading the panel, usb stick must be pluged o unpluged?? all of this time i have the usb stick pluged
  2. i think has passed something like a 30 minutes is showing "upgrading" screen
  3. i really apreciate your help, was very helpfully for me, now i upgrading me unistream PLC, but is taking a lot of time. i just wating to the procces finsh. Thank you a lot.
  4. Thank you for your quickly answer, can you tell me how i can update the unilogic firmaware of my panel?
  5. Hi friends i am new in this forum, i have a trouble comunicaction when i connect the " USB device" to my PC, i read some topics in this forum and i earned some solutions but i don`t have succes. after a lot of configuration in my pc almost can establish comunication but a new message apear. now i show you a capture with the message, i hope you can help me thank you !!! Grettings from Chile ! Pd: sorry if my english is not so good.
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