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  1. Thanks, I send a mail to the support team yesterday with my project attached. Regards Golzione
  2. Hi All, my last month trial was to change the Sampling Rate to 1 data every 10 minutes (the old one was 5 minutes). Now I Have the same issue after 3580 samples. Please let me know how to send my project to Unitronics Technical Support for review. All the best Golzione
  3. Hi All, I'm sorry if I'm not update this thread for a long time but I was very very busy. That MB38 bit rise up on every month change and in this way after the name of the file saved to SD card is changed I stop saving trend on SD and then start again with the new file name when that bit falls down. Regards Golzione
  4. Thanks Aus, I will give It a try All the Best Golzione
  5. Hi all, first of all thank your time. Is It possible to get PLC serial Number from remote? Battery Voltage is OK and SB 8 status is always equal to 0 PLC show Date/time correctly. Which is the email to send my project to Unitronics Technical Support? I got your point but I don't think It is occurring here. The data stored on 25/8 are correct. I mean only timestamp is not not correct. I check the value on 7/7 and they are very different. I put here only 1 example but this behavior happen every month. Luckily sensors values are correct (there is any discontinuity) so It is simple to fix excel file but in any case It is annoying and I hate where I cannot understand whats going on my sw. Regards Golzione
  6. Hi, Is there something or debug in memory to understand what's going on on Trend memory inside PLC after 7160 samples? All the best Golzione
  7. Hi All, I made just now another trial and I realize that the issue It is always after 7160 Samples (please look at excel screenshot) The sample number 7161 has the wrong timestamp (even if trend visualization is correct). All the best Golzione
  8. Hi All, I'm using a VT570 to log some data to SD card. I realized a single Trend with 2 curve for 2 sensor. My goal is to log on a monthly basis this data on a file. File name is "MMYY.utr". Sample rate is 1 data every 5 minutes. When I export data from SD to Excel using the appropriate tool I always have DateTime column rollback in a strange way. All the datetime are correct till to 25th of month and then they are wrong (even if the logged data continues to be correct). Here under you can find some screenshots that I hope explain the issue better than my words. Ladder code is simply and It is essentially a copy of Visilogic example to save Trend on SD Card but I'm not able to understand where is the error. Any help or advise will be very appreciated. Regards Golzione
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