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  1. The ladder logic was working with out the PrefixToUpper call, just would fail the table lookup if the user entered lower case prefix. The table has all the prefixes stored as upper case.
  2. Trying to create C function to convert a String ASCII to upper case. This is what I tried and it does not work: static void PrefixToUpper(volatile char* Prefix, int PrefixLen) { // User code starts below this comment for (int i = 0; Prefix[i] != '\0' ; i++) { if(Prefix[i] >= 'a' && Prefix[i] <= 'z') { Prefix[i] = Prefix[i] - 32; } } // User code ends above this comment } // User code starts below this comment Tested the code in C compiler and it runs correctl
  3. I am also having problems with this software hanging on startup. The software hang on Loading Components... I am running Windows 10, 64 bit. I have attached the log files as a zip file. UniLogic logs.zip
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