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  1. I do have the PLC, but I watched YouTube videos where they would run their program on a digital HMI. I know I wont get the sensor readings, but I figured I could run the program to make sure things are working correctly.
  2. Thank you very much @Flex727, I will look more into the help files and try to get a better understanding of them in order to program what I need. I’ll keep this up to date if I don’t get it working for whatever reason.
  3. Thank you guys for your replies. I was able to download the correct program and watched the videos on YouTube. Is there a separate software to download in order to use the online HMI so that I cant check my program without having the physical PLC/HMI with me? Also I have not been able to correctly wire my Omron e3x-hd sensor to the PLC. The project I am currently working on is using the PLC/HMI to use 2 sensors to track poker chips on a conveyor belt as they pass by based on color and poker chips that have holes in the center and chips that do not. It is a sorting project that will be used for a display room. I am having trouble deciding how to program this, my best though was to put two arrays, one for each sensor which will allow me to track the amount of each chip etc.
  4. I am very new to using PLC’s and HMI’s but for my current project I am tasked to have an E3X-HD sensor sense parts moving across a conveyor and increment a counter on the PLC (V350-35-R34). I was told I would get training for this PLC+HMI but it was not provided. I would appreciate it if someone could help me even just get the PLC/HMI to even talk with the sensor if it is at all possible. Thank you!
  5. I have downloaded the uniLogic program from the website but when starting a new project, the Vision350 product is not listed. I was wondering which should I select in order to not have problems when connecting the plc to the computer. PS: I am new to this software and hardware but am required to use it for a project. Do you guys have any vision350 specific tutorials aside from the general ones found on the website.
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