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  1. Thanks isakovic, i implemented your suggestion and worked great. Thanks again, Nassos
  2. Hello to everyone, I have a SM35-J-T20 and a set two HSC as Counters and i notice that when there is a power-cut the DW values will reset to Zero. is there a way to avoid this reset? Thanks in advance, Nassos
  3. let me clarify it a bit, The requirements are as follows, The device is taking some measurements of a machine, now in order to start or stop taking measurements there is a PC with a .NET application. To connect with the device the application uses Modbus over TCP/IP with the device as a slave. Now if i use the Unitronics .NET library to connect with the device over Ethernet the only thing i(or the on-site Technician) need to set is the Ethernet section in Info mode(Nothing to do i ladder). But if i use Modbus over TCP/IP i need to initialize from constants or MI's. To come back to my original question, is it possible to get in my ladder program the "Information Mode-->IP parameters" values in order to Initialize the TCP/IP Card with them? I hope i didn't confused you more, Nassos
  4. Hi again, This still is putting the same data twice, once in the Ethernet Option and once in the operands for the MI's. If i understand there is no way to get the Ethernet Options from the ladder program, i'm i right to assume that? So every time i push to the device new .UDC i don't need to set it again? Thanks again for all your help, Nassos
  5. Hello flex727, thank you for your reply, Yes, why should i do two modes if the data is there and accessible. In two modes I need to create input Display, hold the hole ladder program the user to put the data. Also with this i introduce potential user errors when the device go to IP enter Mode, and the user didn't notice and start the machine without the device on-line, and this can go deeper.. Nassos
  6. Hello there, i'm trying to find a way to Initialize the TCP/IP card with the IP,Mask,default Getaway from the data that i initially put in the device through the Information mode. I found the Retry and Timeout Registers (SI 101,102) but i can't find the IP, Mask and default getaway to Dynamically Initialize the TC/IP card. I don't want to have different .vlp's for each device. P.S. i also saw the MI option but it would put unnecessary complexity to the ladder program (need to have two modes in start up etc.). thanks in advance, Nassos
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