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  1.  let me clarify it a bit,

    The requirements are as follows,

    The device is taking some measurements of a machine, now in order to start or stop taking measurements there is a PC with a .NET application. To connect with the device the application uses Modbus over TCP/IP with the device as a slave.

    Now if i use the Unitronics .NET library to connect with the device over Ethernet the only thing i(or the on-site Technician) need to set is the Ethernet section in Info mode(Nothing to do i ladder). But if i use Modbus over TCP/IP i need to initialize from constants or MI's.

    To come back to my original question, is it possible to get in my ladder program the "Information Mode-->IP parameters" values in order to Initialize the TCP/IP Card with them?

    I hope i didn't confused you more,




  2. 1 minute ago, Flex727 said:

    You can also enter the MI data through INFO Mode if you wish instead of with HMI user input.

    Hi again,

    This still is putting the same data twice, once in the Ethernet Option and once in the operands for the MI's.

    If i understand there is no way to get the Ethernet Options from the ladder program, i'm i right to assume that?


    9 minutes ago, Flex727 said:

    If you initialize the TCP/IP card with MIs, then you only need to enter the data once, not every time you start up.

    So every time i push to the device new .UDC i don't need to set it again?

    Thanks again for all your help,


  3. 1 minute ago, Flex727 said:


    What unnecessary complexity do you mean and what are the two modes in startup you're referring to?


    Hello flex727, thank you for your reply,

    Yes, why should i do two modes if the data is there and accessible.

    In two modes I need to create input Display, hold the hole ladder program the user to put the data. Also with this i introduce potential user errors when the device go to IP enter Mode, and the user didn't notice and start the machine without the device on-line, and this can go deeper..




  4. Hello there,

    i'm trying to find a way to Initialize the TCP/IP card with the IP,Mask,default Getaway from the data that i initially put in the device through the Information mode.

    I found the Retry and Timeout Registers (SI 101,102) but i can't find the IP, Mask and default getaway to Dynamically Initialize the TC/IP card.

    I don't want to have different .vlp's for each device.


    P.S. i also saw the MI option but it would put unnecessary complexity to the ladder program (need to have two modes in start up etc.).


    thanks in advance,


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