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  1. Yes, I did everything as stated in the UniOPS instructions. I said that if I configure the OPS and the program in the PLC to work on Modbus TCP-IP, then everything works fine for me, but for some reason, the СОМ-port doesn’t want something !?
    Maybe there is a problem in the sequence of location of the FB blocks?

  2. Incompatible hardware configuration (slightly different) ... Yes, indeed, the PLC is different in the configuration. I have a model V350-35-TU24-IT. I just changed the configuration of harware to the nearest model V350-35-TA24, since it is *** TU24 that does not exist at all. Nothing has changed, the connection with the OPS is not installed. I do not think that the problem in the configuration of harware, according to the TSP IP works the same. What could be more?

    Changed a bit the initialization of COM1 and the inclusion of MODBUS EX. The result is the same - no connection is established with UniOPS.


  3. Hello. I am forced to ask you for help, as I spent a lot of time trying to solve this problem on my own.
    I just can’t connect PLC V350 Vision with OPS server UNIOPS + SCADA.
    By TSP IP I managed with great difficulty to establish a connection with this controller (nowhere did I find an intelligible, complete description of the connection), but now this is not about it.
    I tried various options, but nothing works. I enclose screenshots for clarity, can someone tell me what else I need to do in order for the VISION PLC 350 to see the OPS server. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks. . The original RS232 cable, 100% working!





  4. Good day. I have a similar problem like Maxim. Trying to tie SIMPLE SCADA + UNIOPC + VISION V350. Simpl Scada + UNIOPC - a connection has been established, and how to connect the VISION V350 controller with the UNIOPC - does not work. Can you please tell me what to do? I wanted to download the link http://ftp.unitronics.com/Downloads/OPC Client.exe - but it does not work. I would be grateful for your help.



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