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  1. I think so, valves have connectors, supplied by manufacturer with inbuilt shunt diodes. There are some news: today I turned on the RC1 unit (by supplying 24 VDC). It was the same situation - PWR led on, no communication possible. Then I left the unit for 10 minutes and when I came back PWR led was on and I/O COMM. led was blinking. Connection was working too. So I ran Get OPLC Information, response: "EX RC1 A 5.04 (14)". After that I run PLC Status GET and it was in Stop mode. Then I executed Run command and the I/O COMM led turned off, but the Bus COMM. led started blinking. Unit r
  2. No nothing special around it. Just a 10A 24VDC PSU 20cm bellow, two 8 DI and 8 DO units and a hydraulic electric valves, about 70cm away. Canbus cable is in its own PVC 30m long tube, there is about 10cm spacing from the other, power line PVC tube which caries 3phase 20A. Temperature of the installation never goes bellow 10°C. There are no noticeable vibrations.
  3. I did check - canbus, serial, supply voltage. I turned it on and off. Then I disconnected it from canbus and try to connect only with serial - no luck (only PWR led was lit). After that I had no better ideas. In the lab I moved all dip switches to ON and I was able to connect via serial (it displays EX-RC1-BOOT). I did try all of those commands Run/Reset/Stop/Initialize&Reset and there is no difference. I downloaded the OS and it seems like this procedure completes with no interruptions (mind that at this point RC1 is still in BOOT). Then I power it off-on or send "Reset" command an
  4. Hi, me again, having problems with Unitronics hardware. This time with module EX-RC1. After 3 months of operation the EX-RC1 module stopped working. CANbus network ceased to work so I had a look at RC1. Only the power LED was lit but I couldn't connect to the module via serial (I tried all bound rates) or canbus. I decided to unplug the module and test it in the "lab". So I connected it to 24 VDC and to serial connection via provided RS232 adapter. Only the power LED is lit and the module is not responding to any "request" via "Communication - PC setting" window in VisiLogic (late
  5. Thanks for your insights. So, if I understand correctly, I was referring to more recent documents of Modbus implementation? http://www.modbus.org/docs/Modbus_Messaging_Implementation_Guide_V1_0a.pdf is from 2004, describing Modbus Request ADU (MBAP Header + Modbus Request) http://www.modbus.org/docs/Modbus_Application_Protocol_V1_1b3.pdf is from 2012, describing function codes and associated functions for Modbus application protocol V1.1b3. Does the V130 supports only older Modbus implementation? Described in the document you posted, which is from 1996 http://modbus.org/
  6. Hi! So, I am writing ASP Core 2 project and one of the components is communicating with Unitronics V130 unit (as a Modbus Slave). Since provided .NET Driver library is not portable to ASP Core I need to implement this communication with Modbus. I have limited experience with Modbus protocols but I have used some basic functions in the past – mostly reading Registers and Coils. Just to sample some data. I used python library modbus_tk for this purpose. Using Modbus gives me options for adding more optional hardware down the line. After reviewing some libraries supporting Core I selected
  7. I agree. That is why I posted new post with very short summary. But for future readers I think its more convenient to have the solution included in original (first) post. If they want they can scroll down to read other responses and discussion. The forum its less readable if the solution is buried between posts somewhere.
  8. Turns out V130 does not like some routers and I was unfortunate to have 3 of them. I edited the first post for more detail. I would like to say thanks to all who spared their time on my issue.
  9. Good points. But as mentioned I already switched cables and networks and the same thing happened. But worth a try. It could be damaged, but nothing specific ever happened (like lightning strike or other power network related faults). I will check connections of the ETH module again. Weird thing is that It can work 1h, 1 day, non-stop, but then I download new project (via Ethernet) -> after downloading PLC RUN command is send -> sometimes Ethernet works (green LED is lit and orange LED is blinking). But other times (~20% chance) Ethernet does not begin to work (green and orange
  10. I think datasheet https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/V100-17-ET2_S_TECH-SPEC_10-13.pdf states that for PLC-PLC one needs crossover, but shouldn't that apply for PLC-PC too? Will try to clean the code and run just this segment and then add complexity. Subnet is OK. Is there anyone on this forum with more insight into hardware of ethernet module?
  11. That really is unfortunate. Will do. I had many combinations of connections before and it was getting the same behavior. But true, wasn't my priority to solve the issue back then. I don't have another PLC or Ethernet card. It would be nice to get some information from hardware support if this is known issue and if some DIY fix exists (capacitor, resistor, diode or sth). After all it's a 70€ module (V100-17-ET2). From the look of PCB it shouldn't be complex ofc if only there is no defect in chips/ICs.
  12. I edited the first post with additional information. My posts need to be approved by a moderator and that takes time (8 hours+). @Joe Tauser I am aware of SB168 and SI104, both would not be there if the Ethernet would work. Same goes for Socket 1. Yes it is. It is the same router - PLC on LAN cable, PC-LAPTOP on WLAN. - this is "setup1". I do use other "setup2" which is - PLC on LAN, PC-Desktop on LAN (switch 10m away). Switch and router are connected via cable. And this connection experiences the same problems. You mean like a crossove
  13. Thank you for your answer. I added startup block parameters in the main post and added PLC OS version - 4.4 (31). I am aware of all your points. I am using this blocks to test some performance (SI104) so they are there for this "debuging". When you get this random incoherent disconnects anything is a suspect. In some "official" example files SB168 is set like this (in some isn't) and clearly it does not solve my issue. Thanks for the tips anyway! Best Regards!
  14. Hi, (Edit: For convenience, the final solution of this issue is at the end of this first post) I am having problems with ethernet connection on V130 (33-R34) OS 4.4 (31) with V100-17-ET2 ethernet module. Problem is that sometimes (mostly random) connection somehow breaks and I am no longer able to communicate with V130 (using Visilogic) via Ethernet. To be more precise: Ethernet connection sometimes breaks after downloading the project (after RUN command is send). I don't have the data on how the Ethernet behaves when PLC is running for a long time - this project is new and I have been a
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