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  1. Hi Joe & Alex, I try to read from meter the value (0,149075001478195). The int32 I receive through Modbus to PLC is 0x A71E 3E18 Charalambos
  2. Thank you Joe T. for your answer! I tried with Real type tag, but the returning number is not correct! This is happened because the Real type tag is (64-bit double precision floating point), in contrast this smart meter registers values are single (32-bit single precision floating point)... Charalambos
  3. I use a PLC (US5-B10-TR22) and communicate with a smart meter throw MODBUS TCP/IP. The registers of this smart meter store values as 'single'-precision floating-point variables. Throw the UniLogic is not possible read 'single' values and I did not find a way to do this conversion.. How can I solve this issue? Charalambos
  4. I want to buy and use an Unistream PLC. I am trying to read the specs for an {Unistream 7" HMI PANEL (USP-070-B10) + Unistream CPU FOR PANEL (USC-P-B10)}, but I can not find that this this system supports Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU.? Can anyone answer this question and tell me which datasheet shows this information. Thanks!
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