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  1. Yeah that's my solution at the moment. Had to split the query to several number - which means i had to split the sql table columns too. Nevertheless, is this really the limitation of the sql function, or I'm just doing it wrong? Thanks.
  2. Hello, refering to the title. I'm trying to insert my data into my sql server. But i'm having problem sending more than 7 parameters using the SQL Connector/SQL Query Function. I'm using the SQL project sample to test this, but it doesn't work. The following is the screenshots when the program only works with 7 parameters at maximum. It seems that the status is stuck at "In progress..". Fail - 8 Parameters: Success - 7 Parameters:
  3. Hello, I'm able to ping the PLC with google DNS. but it's somehow not able to send data to my SQL database. Can anyone help look over my UniLogic files if there's any mistake I missed. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I would like to connect my UniStream to the internet via Ethernet cable that is connected to my router. This is to send SQL statement to my SQL database. Right now I am able to download/upload ladder logic to the PLC via the current communication setup I mentioned. Is there any settings that I need to do before it is able to go online (internet) in order for me to send the SQL statement? Thank you.
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