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  1. Thank you for your quick response. I have had contact with the technical support and possibly the problem is that I do not have the permission to make this connection (a network blocker could be the issue and I have no administration rights). I will check this and hope this will fix my problem. RFT
  2. Hello I have a similar problem. I get the same error message (210). I tried ping in the command prompt and this seems to be OK (same respons as in the tutorial made by unitronics). I also went to info mode, the IP addresses are all correct (uploaded via serial) but socket 1 is initialized & not connected. In ladder I removed the socket initializer, but that did not change a thing. I am using a SM43-J-R20. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance. RFT
  3. Hello I am new to visilogic and I want to export a data table automatically to a .csv-file. I found in other topics that DataXport is a possibility to achieve this. However I cannot find any downloadfile to install DataXport. Can anyone help me with this? Or are there other ways to automatically export a data table to a .csv-file? Thanks for your time and effort. rft
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